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CPSC 101: Computer Programming II — Winter 2009

Laboratory Assignments

Students are responsible for getting assignments from class and for knowing due-date information from class which may or may not be reflected accurately here.

Laboratory Assignment List
#Due dateLink
1 2009-01-16 Murder Inc.
2 2009-02-04 Payrolls
3 2009-02-25 Factory Methods …
4 2009-03-09 First GUIs
5 2009-03-27 Circular Mice
6 2009-04-03 Crossword Puzzles

Dates in grey are tentative. Titles and links in this colour are to last year’s laboratory assignments.

Graphics Lab Hand In Format

This section applies to Lab 4 and other Lab assignments that are graphical in nature. The idea is that the marker should be able to run your assignments and look at your code.

  • Your program should be contained in a package cpsc101.yourname.lab4, where yourname is your unbc userid, and 4 is the number of the lab assignment that you are handing in.
  • The
          public static void main(String [] arghS)
    method should be found in a class called Main.
  • You should create a .jar file that contains both your .java and your .class files.
  • Your .jar-file should have a name that depends on both your own name and the assignment number, for instance, casper-lab4.jar. Attach your .jar-file to an e-mail message that contains “CPSC 101” in the subject.

For instructions on creating .jar files click here.

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