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CPSC 101: Computer Programming II (2007)

[Mon Apr 16 21:27:50 PDT 2007] The tournament still has not happened. Here is the status of the team programs.

Team 1Latest version does not produce messages that conform to the required format.
Team 2Cannot get the program to run from the command line. It starts running, but then does not accept input.
Team 3Working.
Team 4Working.
Team 5Working. Appears to burn a lot of CPU.
Team 6Works for a few games then quits. A work-around where the referee re-opens the pipe after the game quits works for two or three games then quits.
Team 7Does not respond correctly to “restart;
Team 8Working.

Note that the final examination is now scheduled for Friday, 2007-04-20 from 13:30 to 16:30 in 7-152. (See the syllabus.)

Click for the list of questions handed out in class.

Click for another list of questions.

Click for a cheatsheet on pointers and related topics.

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