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Lynda Williams

Lynda Williams wasis a native of Prince George, and has been a fellow employee at the University of Nothern British Columbia. These are not the only reasons that I am a huge fan of her work.

Lynda's work revolves around the Okal Rel Universe, which so far ([2013-01-07]) consists of three six eight published books:

  • The Courtesan Prince
  • Righteous Anger
  • Pretenders
  • Throne Price
  • Far Arena
  • Avim’s Oath
  • Healer’s Sword
  • Gathering Storm

, a whole mess of short stories, and co-authored anthologies controlled by Lynda.

One of the big pleasures I find in Lynda's work is that it gives traditional elements of fantasy a science-fiction underpinning. Why fight with swords? Because fighting with guns on a fragile space environment is seriously anti-social.




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